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Q: Can I ship overseas?
A: It will be shipped only in Japan.

Q: Can I use an overseas credit card?
A:Visa, Maser Card, JCB, American Express, Dinners Club brand only.
For more information, please contact us.

Q: How long will you take to ship the item?
A: We ship it within 10 business days after the order is confirmed.

Q: How will you ship it?
A: It will be shipped by Neko-posu.
Because it is not possible to specify the date and time, there is a possibility that it takes longer than normal delivery. If you would like to use Neko-posu, please set the delivery date with plenty of time. Compared to home delivery service called “TA-Q-BIN”, the product may get lost due to the high rate of loss the item, so there is a possibility that the product may be lost. If you lose your product, we cannot take responsibility for it.

Q: Can I ship multiple items together?
A:We ship each items at one shipment- Each item has to be bought separately. And it is not possible to ship several items together.

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